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Digital Radiography (x-rays)

We use digital radiography (“x-ray”) equipment. The benefits are many. A digital radiograph takes seconds, not minutes, to view. We get the information we need instantly, especially important if we have to take one in the middle of a procedure for safety.

The radiation dose from the old-style film radiographs was incredibly small. With digital radiographs, the dose is even smaller than the already safe film radiograph dose.

We can enhance the images digitally on the computer, to see things that we were never able to see before.

Another nice feature is that we can print off numerous copies of your radiograph for referrals, insurance companies, etc., or in many cases, simply e-mail them as attachments.

One other advantage not often mentioned is that digital radiography is much friendlier to the environment. The chemicals used to develop film aren’t pleasant, and each film actually contained a lead backing.

We are proud of our protocols for this important diagnostic tool. Please don’t hesitate to ask about the equipment and techniques we use when we are taking your radiographs, and we would be happy to explain them to you.