New Dental Patients

New Dental Patients

Princess Elizabeth Dental in Edmonton

New Dental Patients

New Dental Patients

Princess Elizabeth Dental in Edmonton

Are you looking for a new dentist in Edmonton?

When you visit our centre, you will realise immediately that you are in good, caring hands. You will find new state of the art technology and techniques. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident in your smile and oral health.

New dental patients choose Princess Elizabeth Dental to look after their dental needs because….

Our team empathizes that each person has had different past experiences. At your initial exam we take time to explain why things are happening and customize, your treatment plan to fit your individual needs.

All your dental treatments are performed under one roof. You don’t need to go anywhere else; our skilled clinicians are ready to help to maintain your smile. 

We have our own in house dental lab. How does this help you? As a result of being able to create new restorations in house- we can cut down your treatment time significantly.

What is included in your new patient exam?

At Princess Elizabeth Dental your new patient exam is usually 1 hour. The first 30 minutes will consist of diagnostics and assessments, where we obtain a better understanding of your oral health. Once we have a complete assessment of your mouth, we will spend the next 30 minutes – (reviewing) our findings of existing conditions and discussing treatment options. If more time is needed, then you are booked back in or the exam is extended at no extra charge.

What do we mean by Diagnostics?

When we talk about diagnostics, we refer to the section of your initial exam where we take scans and photos of your mouth. We take 8 photos of your mouth and teeth along with 4 black and white radiographs. A Panorex radiograph is taken of your full dentition. Furthermore, we use our iTero scanner to create a complete digital image of your mouth. 

What do we mean by Assessment?

The assessment is where we look at your medical and dental history, and then move on to the health of your mouth. As well as delivering an oral cancer screening, we will also review the state of your gums, your airway and breathing before moving on to the functionality of your teeth and finally the aesthetic appearance of your smile.

Our Technology: iTero Scanner

The iTero scanner is a 3D digital, easy to use scanner which procedures a lifelike image within seconds. It’s an alternative to traditional impressions, which can be uncomfortable and unpleasant.

Our Technology: Diagnocat

Diagnocat is an artificial intelligence tool used to assist in treatment planning. It helps us analyze your dentition, checking for 25+ conditions and allows us to achieve more predictable treatment outcomes.

Your new dental patient experience

Through Dr. Sara Afshar’s family practice we offer or coordinate all aspects of general dentistry, including examinations/consultations, cleanings and periodontal care, tooth-coloured fillings, crowns, bridgework, root canal treatment, dentures, extractions, orthodontics, and tooth whitening.

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Meet Your Dentist, Sara

Dr. Sara is always learning and growing and that is her favorite aspect of being a provider in the field of dentistry. She strives to provide her patients with up-to-date and comprehensive treatment planning and information. Dr. Sara left the finance industry to enter a career that would allow her to have a bigger impact in her community and to build long-lasting relationships with her patients.
Inside our dental office
Princess Elizabeth Dental in Edmonton
Princess Elizabeth Dental in Edmonton
Princess Elizabeth Dental in Edmonton

I’m interested in registering as a new patient at Princess Elizabeth Dental, what do I do next?

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