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Fast, Gentle Teeth Cleaning
At Princess Elizabeth

Introducing Airflow® & Perioflow®

At Princess Elizabeth Dental we continue to invest in leading technology for your benefit. We are happy to be able to offer our patients treatment with the Airflow® and Perioflow® systems.

Reasons why people choose Airflow® / Perioflow®

  • Removes subgingival and supragingival biofilm the main cause of tooth decay and gingivitis
  • Cleaning is quicker, more thorough and gentler on the tooth structure compared to traditional methods
  • Ideal for interdental cleaning, in case of misaligned teeth

  • Helps to remove tooth discolouration
  • Can be used as part of your regular dental hygiene treatment

  • Ideal for the cleaning of implants and orthodontics devices

  • Safe and gentle and can be used on children

What is Airflow®?

The Air-Flow® system is a method of professional tooth cleaning. The system uses specially formulated powders that remove stain and eliminate plaque biofilm, providing a standard of cleanliness that could not be achieved by traditional methods.

This non-invasive treatment is recognised as one of the most efficient methods of tooth cleaning and combating extrinsic discolouration.

Air-Flow® polishing is usually faster than traditional polishing methods and, due to it’s non-invasive nature, can be safely used on restorations and implants.

What is Perioflow®?

In addition to Airflow®, which is used to clean the visible surface of the tooth, there is Perioflow.  Perioflow® is used following the deep cleaning of root surfaces, in cases of periodontal (gum) disease, to polish the root surface.  Using Perioflow® helps to provide a great environment for gums to heal following the root cleaning with hand and ultrasonic instruments.

If you would like to book an appointment for Airflow® / Perioflow® please give us a call or pop your details into the form below.
Patient feedback

As always prompt professional service. Staff are always friendly and they keep up to date with technology changes. The new cleaning machine was fabulous.

Air-polishing is a method of removing biofilm and stains on your teeth. By using a mixture of air, powders and water, your teeth, implants and soft tissue are thoroughly yet very gently cleaned. Biofilm, which consists of bacteria is removed without the need of any chemical products.
Airlfow and perioflow

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