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The general family practice side of our clinic is currently accepting new patients. Through Dr. Sara Afshar’s family practice we offer or coordinate all aspects of general dentistry, including examinations/consultations, cleanings and periodontal care, tooth-coloured fillings, crowns, bridgework, root canal treatment, dentures, extractions, orthodontics and tooth whitening.

Meet Your Dentist – Dr. Sara Afshar

My name is Dr. Sara Afshar, and I am your General Dentist at Princess Elizabeth Dental.

Here we try to understand why things are happening with the ultimate goal to prevent time in the dental chair.

My team empathizes that each patient has had different past experiences and take time at our initial exam to explain why things are happening and to customize, your treatment plan that fits each individual needs.

I became a dentist to have a role in my community and to create a practice where I can monitor my families and guide them through each stages of their lives.

Every person is different, and obviously we have to come up with a plan suited to your specific needs. How much calculus you build up, your history of cavities, whether you smoke or have a history of cancer, and whether you grind your teeth all factor in to the decision. But there are some generalisations we can make about care.
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Your first visit

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If you are here as a new patient to our general family practice, your first visit will be a comprehensive new patient examination. If you are referred here for a consultation for implant or other treatment, your first visit will be for a specific consultation. Either way, at your initial appointment we will interview and examine you, and gather whatever other records and tests we require to thoroughly diagnose your condition. We will then review your case with you including options and recommendations, and give you a chance to ask any questions. Occasionally, urgent treatment can be performed on the same day as the new patient examination or consultation.

Remember to come a few minutes early to fill out a new patient registration form; alternatively you can find the form under Patient Forms here on the website and fill it out in advance from home and submit it online.

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If you would like to schedule your first appointment or would simply like to ask a question about the services that we offer, please give us a call on 780-488-0383 and we will give you a call back to talk through your needs further. Alternatively you can enter your details into the form.

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